Real Estate Loans


Calling on Advensys Insurance Finance means calling on professional and personalized support from experts, completely free of charge for you, which will allow you to have access to the best offers on the market.

We operate in Luxembourg, France and Belgium

Advensys Insurance Finance intervenes in the following situations:

  • The search for a mortgage ;
  • The negotiation for the repurchase of credits ;
    The grouping of credits in negotiated and reduced monthly payments ;
  • Prospecting for borrower insurance in line with the client’s file ;
  • Renegotiation of old credit after rate variation.

Thanks to the competence and know-how of our experts, you will be supported throughout your process.

We listen to your project, we make ourselves available to qualify and refine it with you and then present it to our various banking partners in order to obtain the best proposal for you!

You have everything to gain.

Our support is reassuring for you as well as for the seller and the real estate agents.

Our Strengths


Personalized support

you only deal with a single adviser

Free analysis

your real potential is revealed to you, without obligation.

Individual offer

Advice adapted to your personal and professional situation

Easier access to mortgage loans

whatever your borrowing profile

No administrative procedure

Advensys Insurance Finance takes care of everything!

The best mortgage rates

The best mortgage rates, thanks to a large network of partner