Investment Plans


Private Pension Plan

Old-age provision allows you to obtain additional retirement income while benefiting from tax reductions each year. Work in your home? A secondary residence? A big trip?

Whatever your project, thanks to your personal pension plan , you can achieve it.

The advantages of retirement provision


Pay less tax

Each year, the premiums reduce your taxable income.

Flexible savings

In order to always feel free, you save at your own pace and according to your financial capacities.

Suitable investments

Depending on your investor profile, you choose between different formulas offered by insurance companies.


Capital or annuity

At maturity, your savings remain flexible and are available in the form of capital or a monthly life annuity or even a mix of capital and life annuity.

Protect your loved once

In the event of death before the end of the contract, your beneficiaries have access to the fruit of your savings.

Available for foreigners

As a cross-border commuter, you can take out pension insurance while reducing your tax each year.

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Housing Savings

Do you want to save to finance the purchase of real estate, finance the renovation or transformation of your home ? Then the “ House Savings Plan ” solution is made for you.

Tax advantages

  • Very attractive tax regime
  • Deductibility of payments up to 1344€ per year and per person

Benefits of the contract

  • Absence of risk on both capital and interest
  • Choosing the amount of your monthly savings
  • Availability and return of your savings
  • Possibility offered, at the end of the contract, to take out an advantageous fixed-rate loan to make your real estate project a reality.

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Borrower paid mortgage insurance

Outstanding balance due insurance (SRD) is a type of life insurance or death insurance that covers a chosen amount of the mortgage loan in Luxembourg. This insurance protects the spouse, the family or the bank in the event of death before the repayment of the loan. The insured capital is degressive, that is to say, it follows the repayment curve of the loan.

Who can take out outstanding balance insurance?

The Outstanding Balance policyholder can choose to take out insurance alone or with a second policyholder.

What does outstanding balance insurance cover?

This insurance covers the insured in the event of death. Additional guarantees can be taken out and extend to total or partial disability.

Payment of the premium and tax benefit in Luxembourg

The payment of the premium can be made in several ways:

  • Single premium
  • Annual premiums staggered over 2/3 of the duration of the contrac

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RCPI (Supplementary Pension Plan for the Self-Employed)

The pension system in Luxembourg is currently under pressure and social security will soon be confronted with the aging of the population and a whole series of consequences. The extension of this possibility of saving to the self-employed and liberal professions is one of the reforms introduced by the Government in order to make taxpayers aware of building up additional retirement savings.

As for employees, the law provides for the self-employed and liberal professions to benefit from tax advantages.

The premium paid by the member and assigned to the financing of the Retirement Plan is tax deductible up to 20% of the annual taxable income.

A discharge tax is to be paid on each premium but in return no tax on exit !

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