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Life insurance is an excellent investment to protect yourself and your family. It is also very important from a tax point of view, as you can benefit greatly from it.

It allows you to grow your investments in a wide range of investment vehicles.

Don’t forget that life insurance is a very good tool for passing on your assets!

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Dedicated Life Insurance in Luxembourg

mars 24, 2023

Life insurance is a popular savings product that offers many benefits to individuals looking to prepare for the future. In Luxembourg, life insurance is particularly popular due to its tax advantages and flexibility.

Firstly, Luxembourgish life insurance is subject to very low tax rates. Gains made on a life insurance contract are not taxed as long as the contract is not terminated. Moreover, premiums paid on a life insurance contract are eligible for a 20% income tax reduction.

In addition, Luxembourgish life insurance offers great flexibility to savers. Life insurance contracts can be tailored to each person’s needs and goals, with customized portfolio management options and the ability to choose between guaranteed or non-guaranteed return options. It is also possible to include family protection or guarantee options when taking out life insurance.

Finally, Luxembourgish life insurance is also an internationally recognized savings product. Luxembourgish life insurance contracts can be freely transferred to other countries in the European Union, making it an ideal product for individuals looking to save for the future while protecting their assets.

In summary, Luxembourgish life insurance offers a wide range of benefits for individuals looking to save for the future. Low tax rates, flexibility, and international recognition make it a wise choice for those seeking to protect their assets and prepare for their financial future.

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