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Life insurance is an excellent investment to protect yourself and your family. It is also very important from a tax point of view, as you can benefit greatly from it.

It allows you to grow your investments in a wide range of investment vehicles.

Don’t forget that life insurance is a very good tool for passing on your assets!

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Savings plans for housing scheme

mars 24, 2023

Savings plans for housing are savings products that allow people who want to buy a house to financially prepare themselves. In Luxembourg, savings plans for housing offer many tax advantages that make them a wise choice for savers.

First, the premiums paid on a housing savings plan are eligible for a 20% reduction in income tax. This means that savers can reduce their income tax by saving for their housing. In addition, the gains made on a housing savings plan are not taxed as long as the contract is not terminated.

In addition, Luxembourg housing savings plans are very flexible. Savers can choose the duration of their contract and the portfolio management options that suit them best. It is also possible to take out a housing savings plan with options for protection or guarantee for family members.

Finally, Luxembourg housing savings plans are also an internationally recognized savings product. Luxembourg housing savings plans contracts are freely transferable to other countries in the European Union, making them an ideal product for people who want to save for a housing purchase while protecting their assets.

In summary, housing savings plans in Luxembourg offer a wide range of tax advantages for people looking to buy a house. The income tax reductions, flexibility and international recognition make them a wise choice for those who want to financially prepare for the purchase of their future home while protecting their assets.

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